Katie McIntosh- Physiotherapist

Katie hails from Birmingham, UK and graduated with a Bachelor of Sports Science from the University of Leeds and a Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham. Since graduating, Katie has worked in a variety of roles and now specialises in: Rehabilitation for Older Populations: Katie has worked extensively with older populations in acute care and outpatient rehab in hospitals across the UK and Sydney to provide pain management and falls prevention programs. If your 65 or older and your goal is to improve your physical function, Katie can provide tailored rehabilitation programs to help aid you in your recovery. Sporting and Musculoskeletal injury: Katie has 3 years’ experience treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, from wry neck to post surgical knees and shoulders. Katie has also has been a physiotherapist for a number of local Football teams in the UK teams, which has enabled her to understand injuries as they occur and provide the best treatment strategies for the quickest recovery. Outside of the physiotherapy world, Katie enjoys the gym, and occasionally playing tennis and has just started CrossFit to find a new challenge in the gym.

Special Interests

  • Physiotherapy


  • English

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