Erika Hung – Dietitian

Erika is a qualified accrediting dietitian at The Lifestyle Dietitian. She is experienced in managing a range of health conditions through diet and lifestyle change, in particular, chronic diseases such as T2DM, heart disease, and weight management. She has grown a strong interest in plant-based nutrition and gut health. Special Interests – With a passion for continuous learning, Erika is committed to ensuring she is up-to-date with the latest evidence in the ever-evolving field of nutrition. Erika enjoys translating complex scientific nutrition information into personalized, easy-to-digest and practical advice for patients. Personal Interests – In her spare time, Erika enjoys getting outdoors, taking long walks and finding new cafes to enjoy food with her family and friends. She believes the social settings and the people we enjoy food with are equally important as the nutrients within the food we eat. She carries this belief through her practice as a Dietitian.

Special Interests

  • Dietetics


  • English

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