Corporate Health & Workcover Services

Corporate health can cover a variety of different services depending on your needs.

At Nuvo Health, we offer a range of corporate and work-related health services.

Workcover and occupational medicine

You’re entitled to Workers Compensation for the treatment costs of injuries sustained from work or while travelling to and from work. At Nuvo Health, we are experienced in managing all facets of injuries related to work. Patients will need to report their injury to their employer and then make an appointment to see one of our doctors. Once all the relevant paperwork is submitted and approved by Workcover, they will cover most medical costs involved with your associated treatment.

Insurance reports 

When it comes to assessing individuals for life and income protection insurance, doctors are often asked to provide information to insurance companies. You may be unaware that in some cases, upon signing the insurance application you may have given the company you’re making the application to permission to access your personal information. Before finalising your application, we strongly recommend speaking with your insurance broker in order to completely understand the level of permission you may be giving. At Nuvo Health, our policy is that we do not hand over any medical records without first speaking with you.

Drivers’ medicals for commercial vehicles

You may not be aware that commercial vehicle licences require not only a specific examination but also specialist paperwork proving you are medically fit to carry out the duties associated with driving commercial vehicles. If you require a commercial vehicle licence application appointment, we’d love to speak with you. Please be aware that these appointments are not able to be rebated via Medicare, but can be claimed at tax time (provided the licence is work related).

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