Ms Nadia Pendjerkova – Psychologist; BSc Psych (Hons), MA Psych

As a registered psychologist I consult young and mature adults who struggle with various degrees of stress related issues and challenges, such as work life balance, relating to others, adjusting to new environments or suffering loss. It is my dedication to empower clients to think creatively, develop new skills, and enhance their quality of life. While working in private practice, occupational rehabilitation, EAP (employee assistance program) services, and medical clinic settings, I developed expertise in multidisciplinary treatment methods, short-term and in-depth therapy, including CBT, ACT, IPT, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and psychodynamic approach. Originally from Europe, with academic and work experience from Canada and Australia, I work with clients from diverse cultural, economic and social backgrounds.  I am particularly attuned to how personal history influences established views and responses to current circumstances. The value of my experience intrinsically motivates me to support my clients in uncovering destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, as well as to encourage and inspire them in establishing new and more adaptive habits.  

Special Interests

  • Psychologist

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